A Night in the Life


A short thesis film.

‘A Night in the Life’ is a short film written and directed by myself as a graduation project from The London Film School. It’s a story about a young woman with insomnia and her struggle to get through the night. The narrative follows a single night in the life of Ava, a sleep-deprived city-dweller who lives with her intuitive pet dog Bubbles. Throughout the night, she spies on a mysterious neighbour through her telescope, and he watches her silently through his. For most people with insomnia, the torture of not being able to attain something as simple as a good night’s rest is indescribable. The film endeavors to vocalise those feelings. To depict a surreal world where time doesn’t move as it should, where the need for companionship is urgent, and where the most ordinary things become extravagant.