A Year in Brooklyn


Introducing the borough of Brooklyn to students at NYU-Poly

“A Year in Brooklyn” is a booklet detailing a variety of attractions in New York City’s famous borough of Brooklyn. Distributed by the Polytechnic Institute of New York University to students who relocated from outside the region, this booklet highlights both famous tourist attractions and locales off the beaten path.

I collaborated with a copywriter to research and create a guide that would take students throughout the year in their new borough, using language and visuals targeted to a young, intelligent undergrad demographic. Bright colours, black labels, and bold text hint at one of New York’s most renowned assets: the subway.

The booklet was so popular among NYU students that the following year, another booklet–borrowing elements from my “Brooklyn” design–was produced for Manhattan-based students. An updated version of the Brooklyn booklet is now included in NYU-Poly’s undergraduate admissions package.